October 9, 2022

Silvana, USA

Dear Gareth,
Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided and staying with me through the process of our Italy home search and purchase. I found you by luck through the internet in exploring Best Italian Mortgages and you promptly responded with assisting me with all my questions on the process of buying in Italy. I was fortunate to find you—it can be overwhelming on where to begin after finding several homes on the internet and needed someone to preview prior to my travel. You provided feedback on the property with your summation after viewing the property with videos and pictures you provided us. You speaking multi languages certainly is an asset since my Italian is not up to par in conducting business transactions.

You have been so prompt in answering to my questions and concerns with good communication. We are so excited to have our offer accepted after your viewing and communication with the listing agent. Whatever conversation you had in our behalf and pointing out features that need attention, it certainly worked on getting an acceptance at 10% under the list price. Thank you so much for your time that was worth every penny for peace of mind knowing I had professional representation I can trust.

We now move onto finding the best Italian mortgage for this home with giving you complete trust of my financials. I will highly recommend Gareth as someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable of European laws and procedures. Thank you again for your attention in making this dream come true with purchasing a home in my homeland, Italy.