To help you obtain an idea what your monthly repayments would be, simply enter the desired mortgage amount, the interest rate, the down payment you wish to make and the term (duration) of the loan.

Italian Mortgage Calculator PDF

If you tick the Send A PDF report to your email? box and enter your email address the Italian mortgage calculator will send a full PDF format amortisation table to you.

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When Should You Use The Italian Mortgage Calculator

The Italian mortgage calculator should be used as an aid to establishing a realistic initial budget for an Italian repayment mortgage.

However, you should remember that there are two significant limitations to using any online Italian mortgage calculator:

  1. Your financial profile is unique so the Italian mortgage calculator, which is designed to cover all cases, may not be a good guide to what is possible in your specific case which will depend on your actual financial profile.
  2. The Italian mortgage calculator is only intended to give an indication of the overall profile of your Italian mortgage but it does not guarantee that you would be able to obtain an Italian mortgage.

Don’t forget, you will not normally be able to include the cost of Notaio fees in your mortgage. Though you should not include the estimated cost of Notaio fees in the purchase price, you should ensure that you have sufficient funds available. As a very rough guide you can estimate the Notiao fees as around 2.5% of the purchase price and the property tax on purchase for non-residents at around 10% – for a more accurate estimate you can use the official Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato website to obtain up to date information.

If you need a more accurate figure or to be sure that you could obtain an Italian mortgage just get a free, no obligation Italian mortgage quote.