Creating a Twitch Chat Bot Lets say you like going on Twitch, to by Pedro Lourenco CodeX

streaming chat bot

You can set up commands for yourself or your viewers to use or just useful information, such as a reminder to drink water or for viewers to follow. One of the most distinctive bots in Twitch, Moobot can be seen all throughout the streaming site. Moobot is capable of a great deal of functions, including making regular posts in Twitch chat. Many streamers use Moobot to promote their social media, remind viewers of chat rules, or respond to users.

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There’s a Twitch bot that’s right for you, it’s most likely on this list – you’ve got nothing to lose by giving one or two a go. Our final bot to look at is Wizebot, and it seems to do the job perfectly well. Wizebot boasts an impressive number of features, all of which are completely free. Users can even link Twitter posts directly into your Twitch chat, thanks to StreamElements Bot.

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With the advanced commands offered by this bot, everything is possible. It offers the option of adding custom commands so that you can turn any idea into reality. All the data in this bot is powered by cloud, and it is possible to conduct raffles and giveaways. You can also use Deepbot for song requests, fun games, streamer chat and more. OWN3D Pro is a powerful bot that can help you manage your chat and enhance the viewer experience. It comes with a range of features, including custom commands, giveaways, and polls.

As you grow and become more popular, you need to have a way to delegate some of your tasks so that you can focus on your content. Bots are usually pretty easy to use and most of them are free, offering a wide variety of features that can only benefit you and your channel. It will help you grow in the early stages of streaming and keep things in check if you get an unfriendly guest. For example, bots that offer integration with Discord will notify active users when you go live. That way you don’t have to rely only on Twitch notifications.

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The best part of this wonderful platform is the availability of the OBS Studio Plugin. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about anything else because all you need to manage Twitch chats are available here. When it comes to Twitch chatbots, Nightbot is, without a doubt, the most popular. It is software with a high level of usability that can perform a wide range of operations and be adjusted to meet your specific needs. You may see the bot’s dashboard and join a channel when you sign up for a Twitch account.

streaming chat bot

Moreover, overusing or abusing chat bots can annoy or alienate viewers, so it’s important to monitor and evaluate how they are used. It is a bot made by a Twitch family member seamlessly with Twitch. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a Chatbot to moderate their viewers. It is the perfect solution that allows you to focus on streaming.

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However, it’s not as popular and you might not have heard of it. Wizebot has been run by one person for about 6 years now and as of September 2021, is being used by over 740 thousand streamers. The bot can serve as a complete solution for Twitch chats with some amazing features.

streaming chat bot

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