When you decide to buy a house in Italy, Best Italian Mortgage & Property can help you through the purchase process. We have been through this process dozens of times and know the best practices, specific requirements, documentation, and time frames from beginning (the offer) to end (the signing of the deed).  And as or even more importantly, we can help you to avoid the possible mistakes, hurdles, and setbacks that face foreign buyers in Italy. With our House Purchase Services, we will guide you smoothly through the Purchase process including:

What we do for you…

  1. Visit the property and the Agent & Seller in Italy, on your behalf. Create a report, take pictures, videos and undertake a FaceTime call.
  2. Arrange the Pre-Offer Geometra Inspection – if applicable. (To be paid by you to the surveyor)
  3. The offer and negotiations with Sales Agent and Seller
  4. All communications with and requirements of the Sales Agent
  5. The sale contract
  6. Recommending and liaising with Notaio
  7. Deed Signing Guidance
  8. Recommendations on Post-Sale resources
  9. Geometra and Project Management resources:
  1.  Our personal time and energy commitment to you to help you buy your Italian dream home!

The cost of our invaluable House Purchase Service is less than the cost of one trip to Italy. And we can save you many trips that could cost you 1000’s !

Rate Card – House Purchase Service

0.5% of the property purchase price (minimum fee of £3,750 + v.a.t)

Or if purchased with our Property Finder Service a 25% discount will be given

For more information on how we can save you thousands during the actual House Buying Process, please contact us for a tailored quote for this service.

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